The IUCN Course on Protected Areas Law and Governance provides materials for teachers and trainers to use in many different settings. Example uses include:

  • University courses for students studying conservation, protected areas management, or law.
  • Training workshops for protected areas practitioners or legal experts
  • Capacity building sessions for legislative drafters

The course consists of twelve modules.  The modules can be taught together as a complete course, or used individually or in different combinations, or together with other materials.  Example uses include:

  • 1 day session on marine protected areas: Modules 10,11
  • 1 week workshop focused on transboundary governance and connectivity: Modules 1-2, 10-11, 12
  • 2 week training on protected areas legislation for legislative drafters: Modules 1-6
  • 12 week university course on protected areas law and governance: Modules 1-12

Each module contains the following elements:

  • Module outline
  • Seminar presentation
  • Interactive exercises
  • Videos
  • Additional resources

Elements from different modules can be put together in different combinations, or used in different settings.  For example, for a session on protected areas and connectivity in the context of a course on international law, an educator could use a video from Module 1, a seminar presentation from Module 7, and an exercise from Module 9.

The modules are generic.  Educators should adapt them to specific circumstances and audiences.  This can include, inter alia:

  • Adding case studies and examples from the relevant country or region
  • Removing slides and other materials that do not apply, or that duplicate other materials used

Additional information on how to use this course and its components can be found in the Course Outline and the individual Modules Outlines.  Please contact us for further help and guidance.

If you use the modules, we want to hear about it.  Please let us know how you use the materials, and send feedback on their content. 

If you modify the materials, or add new materials, please consider contributing them to the site, so they can be of use to others.

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